One of the most influential and visionary people in my lifetime dad last night.  For not knowing the man, it's surprising how his passing is making me feel.  It's a true loss to not only his family, but the technology community and the world.  

I just watched a 15 minute speech from Steve Jobs at a Stanford graduation in 2005.  He said that he had heard early on in life the saying… “If you live each day like it will be your last, eventually you will be right.”  It made him realize that living each day is just as important as the next and it helped him make the big decisions.  He said that he would wake up and say, “Is what I am about to do today what I’d want to do if it were my last day, and do I love it?”, and after too many “no” days, he changed what his days were.  

How amazing is that?

I wake up to find that Osama Bin Laden, one of the most evil men to walk the face of the earth, has been killed.  AWESOME!  

The amount of courage and skill that those Navy Seals had to pull this off is awesome.  And they didn't lose a single guy!  Woot!  Obama has some illusion that he had something to do with it, but everyone with a brain knows that only thing he was thinking was, "Great, now it will look like I made this happen and it might help me win the next election".  Anyway, enough about that.... person.

God Bless America!  God Bless our troops that are abroad, and I pray that they stay safe and can come home soon.

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  We headed back down to Fort Myers Saturday to have a family Easter part at Uncle Mike and Aunt Shelley's.  It was a a lot of fun and we had a ton of good food!  Not surprising though... It was an Elver party. :)  Ashley and I led worship this morning at church and Ashley's parents, Wayne and Val, joined us and the sermon was great.  Ashley and our friend Lisa and I sang "At The Cross" as a special.  Man those girls sound good together.  We had lunch and now we're back up here in a new house!  Man these weekends go by too fast.  

Next weekend will be our last weekend leading worship at Safe Harbor.  We've made some really good friends there and I have to say it's probably one of the best church's we've ever attended.  The people are amazing and the "family" atmosphere they encourage there really meant a lot to Ashley and I.  Thank you Pastor Ken!

God Bless,
Well, we're half way through our first week in Lakeland!  The kids love it.  Of course though, they have a pool.  We were walking down the road to see the neighborhood today and there happens to be a lot of really nice dogs around.  They're nice, but Ralphie and Katelyn freaked out.  Needless to say most of the "walk" back was actually carrying them.  Work is good.  Ashley is busy as all get-out, but she's made a huge dent in the boxes.  We'll try to get some pictures up here soon.  That would be Ashley's job!